Legend on Wheels

All about our classic volkswagen beetle

This site is dedicated to the classic volkswagen beetle. There are many great places on the internet which tell you all about the history of our beloved bug. So I decided to concentrate on other things. There are just 2 things you can find here:

  • some 100+ classic volkswagen commercials from all over the world. You can watch some of them on this site, but you can also order a self made DVD “Legend on Wheels”, on which you will find 100 of the most beautiful and funny commercials.
  • all kinds of interesting brochures, manuals, articles, etc. which are there for you to download. It’s free and it’s fun. I hope you will find just that brochure, flyer of folder which you were looking for. Most of them are in PDF. If you have suggestions, questions of maybe a collection of brochures you like to share with me, please drop me a line.

Have fun and remember: keep the aircooled message alive!


“Keep the aircooled message alive!”

  latest adjustment: february 1, 2015